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 Stuart Townsend

 God! Has it come to this?”


Meet the Hogarthian characters of St.Paul’s Mental Hospital: Grace, white-haired, with dementia, on her first day in this terrible place which has always haunted her dreams; Percy, the crystal radio buff, with severe depression; Harry, so damaged by his time in a Japanese POW camp; Walter and his wayward girl-friend Minnie; Tom, whose delusions involve coded messages via the BBC News; Betty, who won’t quite fit in her coffin, needing a bit of encouragement; and many others


Also meet Stuart, the novice student nurse, having to shave a corpse on his very first day and working fearfully on nights, struggling desperately for breath as a patient’s powerful hands grip his throat.

 How did a naïve novice cope with the alien world of the mental asylum in the 1970s?


Asylum Bound is a wild weird walk through his experiences in a bizarre world of terrible extremes. 
In this world there are no shades of grey, just extremes of aggression, sadness and institutionalisation - of both patients and staff. In this strange world Stuart discovers the origins of psychiatry and its terrible treatments - lobotomy, E.C.T., insulin shock and even aversion therapy for underwear snatchers!

Yet he also discovers a rich vein of humour and humanity.


But the asylum system is dying on its feet. The patients are leaving, care is slowly moving into the community - and, thank God, the obvious abuses are on the decline. It is such a different world from anything he has experienced - a brave new world and a life-changing revelation.

For Stuart, what started as novelty, progressed to fascination but ended in tragedy.

 Sadly, Asylum Bound is all true.


Asylum Bound by Stuart Townsend


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